Sarushima Island is the only uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay. The island had been set up as a for tress since Tokugawa Shogunate installed three batteries there against American ships in 1847, and the Japanese army added some more batteries in 1884, until the end of World War Two. Today, it has been popular as a tourist resort with a beautiful beach, while the barracks and magazines stall remain beside it.
0208 猿島



Aokigahara forest is called Jukai (sea of trees) since it looks like so from the sky, spreadin over the foot of Mt. Fuji and Kamikusishiki village.In the Jukai, a magnetic compass loses its function due to the lava from the eruption of Mt. Fuji, which occurred 1200 years ago, and the crowded trees show you the same sights at every point, causing many people wrecked every year. In the meantime, many people also come here to take their own lives without anyone's witness.
0209 青木が原

横須賀にある、東京湾で唯一の無人島。黒船がしきりに来航する1847年、幕府が海防のため、島内に3つの砲台を設けて以来1884年陸軍の砲台が設置され、そのあとも第二次世界大戦が終わるまで要塞地帯となった。現在では海水浴場として人気があり、島自体が観光地化するなか、島の奥には未だ、兵舎や爆薬庫が生々しくのこっている。 山梨県上九一色村、富士山麓に広がり、上空から見たときに樹の海のように見えることから樹海とよばれている。樹海の中へ入っていくと1200年前ほど前に起きた富士山の大噴火で流れ出した溶岩の影響で方位磁石がぐるぐると回り、また密集した木々が周囲の景色に変化がないように見せ、遭難者が絶えない。そのため、自らここに死を求めに来る人々も少なくない。


The Ohkuno Island had been deleted from the map during World War Two, since the army was producing Japan's secret weapon: the poison gas. Since this fact was a top secret of the army even the people working in the plant did not know what they were making, and it was forbidden to tell anyone about anything that they saw in the island. As a consequence, thousands of victims were left. Today, while the concentration of arsenic in the ground is still so high hundreds of wild rabbits run on it and families come to the island for vacation as the Japanese government made a natiounal resort hotel there.
0208 大久野



There was a base for the Men-in-Torpedo in Ohtsu Island. The Men-in-Torpedo hd cockpit inside, with which Japanese soldiers attacked with hunderds of explosives against the enemy ships, offering their lives, As the Me-in-Torpedo operation was a top secret, the soldire could not tell his family of lover that he would part from them forever, even after the order was done. In the island, a number of notes left behind by the soldiers till remain, and so stairs on which they walking towards their sally, tunnel and crane for the Men-in-Torpedo,as though it was a couple of years ago.
0208 大津